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Become a better-informed trader by utilizing our extensive Elliott Wave and Kondratiev Wave education. Learn from history as Henrik guides you through his long-term charts and video analysis. 


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Henrik Zeberg - Long-term Elliott Wave technician

Henrik Zeberg

Macro Economist, Bank Advisor, Long-term Elliott Wave chartist 

Like so many others, I was caught off guard by the Financial Crisis of 2008. Up until then I had been enjoying a string of successes, mostly in the German real estate market, and the collapse of credit and market valuations were painful lessons for me. Needless to say my real estate and stock portfolio suffered greatly as a result of the worldwide carnage.


I needed to know why! 


As my holdings began to stabilize, I posed the obvious question: “Why didn't I see this coming?” This soul-searching proved to me that I needed to get a firmer understanding of the inner-workings of the financial world. However, instead of using traditional thinking, I looked to classical theorists like Kondratiev and various other business cycle economists. I then discovered Elliott Wave theory, and from there built a proprietary, multi-market EW-model which respects long-term wave analysis.


Today, I base all of my forecasts on this multi-market EW-model. Thousands have already benefited from market setups generated by my unique model, mostly on the medium to longer-term time frames. Now you can, too! 

Recent Results

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Henrik Zeberg Coindesk article April 13, 2020

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You have been all over these key long term charts and nailed gold too. Well done! 

Raoul Pal

RealVision TV

Great work Henrik! You have been spot on (no pun intended) and are a "must-follow" for all gold traders!

Adam Kobeissi

The Kobeissi Letter

I usually don't give endorsements, but would recommend The Zeberg Report without reservation for anyone interested in big picture/macro views of the markets. Knowledge is power! 

Joe Friday

@JoeFriday714 on Twitter

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